10 Key Elements of a Great SEO Copy: Is your Content Provider Adhering?


Drafting a high return and rewarding SEO copy needn’t be difficult. While it is important to onboard a credible content writing firm to get things underway, it is also necessary to be aware of the key SEO elements to cross-reference their ideas and appraise the quality yourself.

You would know that SEO is probably one of the bigger business drivers for startups and online setups. Regardless of how good the content is, neglecting the SEO ensures that your rich content doesn’t reach the readers, let alone resonate with them. But then, it isn’t wise to draft a content piece and then optimize the same for SEO, as then the approach feels out of place and appears to be forced.

The idea here is to draft a good SEO-specific copy in the first place, especially if you want to increase brand visibility, boost traffic conversations, and drive massive volumes onto the web pages. But the struggle to draft an SEO copy that sells and resonates is real. The keyword stuffing approach is long dead and what you would need is to appeal to a wider audience base whilst being respectful towards Google’s transitional algorithms.

In 2021, you should write for the humans while focusing on being engaging, useful, and receptive enough towards generating leads, pushing sales growth, and meeting audience expectations.

But, how do you Approach SEO in this Altering Realm?

The internet has readily changed the entire meaning of consumerism with customers now have the power to be more discerning regarding products and services. As customer expectations change in time, even the existing algorithms commanding SEO need to evolve. This is why it isn’t advisable to hire content firms that follow an SEO approach set in stone.

Google, upon learning extensively about the shoppers and customers, ensures that only rank websites atop that can offer the best possible user experience. Therefore, it is necessary for you as a business to continuously create great SEO copies that convert.

Here are the elements that would then define your approach:

  1. Focus on the Meta Content

If the content teaser is good enough, something that would be displayed to the prospective readers on Google’s page, you are bound to get more clicks in time. Well-crafted Meta content that creates intrigue is arguably the best resource for conversion and traffic surges. Despite being underrated, Meta content, including Meta description and Meta title is important for generating clicks.

Therefore, if you feel that your copy is losing its hard-earned place on Google’s ranking page, it might be the right time to consider updating the Meta description and title to something more impactful. But then, how to approach the Meta rejig is what should concern you more?

You can follow the mentioned ideas to your presence reinstated:

  • Increase the characters and make use of the entire space allotted to the title and the description to maximize the impact that your words can have on the user
  • Use terms that can drive action. An example would look like this ‘Grab the offer till it lasts, act right now’
  • Try and organically incorporate the search keyword or the focus keyword itself if the title and description.
  1. Focus on People

I feel you when you plan on drafting SEO-specific copies by adhering the Google’s mechanical guidelines. However, you need to understand that Google caters to the users and if you can create something that can keep the users happy, Google will automatically be appeased.

Focus on offering the most satisfying user experience, precisely by making the blogs sound in the first person, using a conversational tone, offering tables along with reviews to make reading easier, and by following a strategy that offers the exact information that is being searched. The moment you draft the content by thinking like the reader, an SEO and SERP boost is nothing but inevitable.

  1. Provide Content that is of Value

Anything that is of value is expected to sell and this analogy holds even for SEO-rich copies. While you can have a team to preside over the keyword insertion and all, it all boils down to the value that the copy is offering. You must know that people turn to the internet for searching, either for a solution or an answer.

Your content, therefore, must be actionable and should look to solve issues that are bothering the prospective readers, according to the niche you choose to explore. Valuable, in-depth content is what adheres to the best SEO guidelines. A good approach in this regard is to focus on long-tail relevant keyboards, images, standard user reviews, and additional resources to fall back on.

  1. Storytelling

If your copy can tell a compelling story, it is expected to get the recognition you desire. However, there are specific ideas to engage the reader by weaving a story-like ambiance. First of all, you need to consider the reader as the protagonist by ensuring that he or she gets the required set of benefits by relying on a specific product or service.

Besides, it is good to infuse a sense of mystery into the mix, simply to ramp up the curiosity quotient. If the landing page content ends as a cliff-hanger, readers are more often than not expected to visit other pages and engage better with the product.

Also, if you plan on getting content drafted for your brand, it is important to take the reader in a direction he or she isn’t comfortable with. Once things get murkier, introduce your product or offering as the knight in the shining armor to bail the protagonist out.

Regardless of the approach that is being followed, it is essential that you connect with a seasoned and credible copywriting firm to get the job done.

  1. Powerful Headlines

Despite the copy being one of the best and most resourceful, a weak headline can stave off its progress. What gives here is that the headlines aren’t enticing enough to proffer clicks. For example, if you are writing about content marketing and the associated perils, a title like ‘5 Threats to your Content Marketing Plan Identified’ is expected to engage readers better than something like ‘Here are the Content Market Perils to watch out for’.

Compelling and powerful headlines are great at increasing the CTR whilst adding to the viewership.

  1. Keyword Stuffing isn’t Relevant anymore

Even a decade back, keyword stuffing was more like a content commonplace, targeted towards improving the SEO standing of the concerned copy. However, Google isn’t coy anymore and in 2021 and even beyond keyword stuffing is considered perilous rather than advantageous.

Keywords, without a doubt, are still important, but the approach now is to focus on a wider range whilst incorporating keywords that might cater to diverse user sentiments. It is the proactive usage of keywords that makes sense as you need to use the terminologies that the user might have in his or her mind.

  1. Focus on Readability

While I am all in for fancy words and longish sentences, nothing beats the value of readability, when it comes to SEO rankings. Readability is in sync with a positive reader experience. Smaller texts, shorter lines, and simple explanations should hold the key.

Also, if you already have content ready with relevant keywords included, a good way to make it rank is to format sentences. Consider shortening the lines and using bulleted lists. Breaking up paragraphs and white space inclusion can also help.

  1. Multimedia is Essential

While a block of text says quite a lot, a chunk of images or videos can embolden it further. Having images at specific steps adds a sense of seamlessness to the content. This way, it becomes even more readable and easier to engage with. Plus, visitors see a lot of other stuff that texts, which makes them, dwell longer.

My favorite selections include diagrams, Infographics, photos, videos, and almost anything that stays in the mind longer. Also, as multimedia capture user attention better, copies having these resources are expected to be shared more.

  1. Incorporate Social Sharing Tabs

Despite giving users reasons enough to share your content, people might simply read, engage, and then leave in a hurry. Therefore, it is your responsibility to drive action that you very well speak of. This means, your content should have social sharing buttons placed at critical positions, so as to make users click and get the word out farther.

With these tabs along the way, you do a lot more than simply connecting with users. Instead, you nonchalantly force their hand into passing the valuable information around. But then, instead of placing the buttons randomly, it is advisable to establish context by focusing the content around the same.

Believe me, when I say, this will increase the reach of the pages, exponentially.

  1. Track Progress

While this might not be the writers’ prerogative, experienced and credible firms offer analytics to show the progress of your content. Once the metrics are out in the open, including the bounce rates, CTR, and more, the concerned agency you have hired can make necessary changes and adjustments to improve upon the same.

SEO standards are probably more volatile on the international stock exchanges. However, if you want to succeed, it is better to concentrate on the user and create copies with readers in mind. This approach inadvertently takes care of the Google algorithms as well, whilst driving higher SERPs and engagement.

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