How Guest Posting Can Help to Grow Your Online Audience?


Digital marketers are familiar with the concept of guest posting. It is an effective off-page search engine optimization (SEO) technique.

Guest posting improves credibility and opens up networking opportunities. And, one of the remarkable benefits of guest posting is helping you to increase your online audience.

What is Guest Posting?

First, let us understand what guest posting is all about.

It is the practice of publishing your content on someone else’s website. When you publish such content, you usually do so as a guest writer.

Guest posts are valuable due multiple reasons, such as getting mentions of your brand, appearing in search query results, or directing traffic to your website.

You can add links to your website in the content to direct readers to your website. It can help you increase traffic to your website, and generate leads.

Guidelines for Guest Posting

You should refrain from writing guest posts haphazardly. Instead, it will help if you follow some relevant guidelines. Before you write, ensure that you accumulate enough knowledge on the subject, and ensure that you follow the following guidelines:

  • The content should be unique, relevant and engaging. Google ranks web pages with such content higher in search engine results. Also, people like to read and share such content. As a result, your brand awareness will increase.
  • Outbound links must be relevant to the article. Also, put anchors over the links accurately.
  • Publish on sites that are with high SEO ranks.

Benefits of Guest Postings for Your Business

Before we delve into the key benefits of guest postings for your business, it is worthwhile to have a quick look at some of the related statistics:

  • 60 percent of bloggers write up to five guest posts every month
  • Guest posting increases the possibility of direct sales by 75 percent
  • Guest posting brings 3x more leads close to conversion

The statistics speak of how guest postings can help your business grow. Also, we outline the following benefits guest posting can bring to grow your online audience:

Strengthens Brand Image

Readers are likely to see you as an expert in your industry when they go through your guest posts on your niche. As a result, you will see your brand reputation growing, strengthening your brand image. Furthermore, you will gain respect as an expert writer on your industry topics.

Increases Website Traffic

One of the key benefits of guest posting is getting increased traffic for your website. As a result, you can get more leads for conversion.

If your content is of high quality and engaging, it can arouse the curiosity of readers, who are then likely to visit your website to know more about your business offerings.

Strengthens Your Social Media Presence

Guest posting is an effective way to strengthen your social media presence. When readers find your content engaging and valuable, they are likely to share it on social media. After that, their followers are also likely to share the content. As such, you are likely to see your social media followers increasing to strengthen your social media presence while increasing your brand awareness.

Builds Back Links

Guest posting can also allow you to get backlinks to your website. In your content, you can add hyperlinks to your website that will direct readers to your website when they click on them.

The hyperlinks can help your website to improve the organic search rankings apart from directing referral traffic. As a result, your website will gain more search engine visibility.

But, do not fail to publish your guest posts on websites with high authority to give your SEO a boost.

Helps Building Relationships

In business, the more relationships you build the more advantageous you are in the competitive business ecosystem.

Guest posting helps you to build relationships with resourceful persons in your industry. It can benefit both parties mutually. While you provide valuable content, they share it with their connections.

At the same time, when you build relationships with specific brands, it helps develop credibility for your business. And, the credibility indicates that people see value in your content, and wants to associate with your brand.

Improves SEO

Guest posting helps your website to get higher search engine rankings. When you publish engaging content on a website that has higher search engine authority, your website gets relevant and natural links that improve SEO.

But, do not get carried away writing search engine friendly content alone. The best tactic is to write for people first and then for the search engines. Also, keep things simple.

The Best Practices of Guest Posting

Publishing guest posts is a tactful art. So, it will help if you master the relevant techniques before you guest post on websites.

The mandate is, you need to have a firm plan beforehand. And that should define the objectives and expectations of your guest postings.

The following tips will help to build an effective guest posting plan:

Figure Out the Goals

You have to first outline your goals before you publish guest posts. The underlying idea is to identify the results you are likely to see from your guest postings. And, having a set of goals will help you attain the results.

Therefore, you should figure out what you can gain from your guest postings. Furthermore, it will help if you determine two or three goals that align strongly with your marketing objectives.

Make a List of Your Activities

After you identify your goals, it is time for making a list of the websites suitable for your guest posts. Typically, the list should include websites:

  • That draws the interest of your audience
  • Related to your guest post topics
  • Where your competitors post

Find a Unique Topic to Write

Next, you need to find a topic to write about. Ensure that it is unique and engaging. And refrain from publishing duplicate content.

It is not a good idea to fix a whole new topic, instead, write on a topic you already know. You can draw the attention of the readers if you share the results of your research or insights.


You should not undermine guest posting as that can help to grow your online audience. As a result, you will see significant increases in your brand awareness and website traffic.

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