Privacy Policy

At Guest Post Solution, we follow a strict stance towards privacy. Every insight collected at our website is only used for the benefit of the users and in a non-invasive manner.

Type of Information that we collect

Guest Post Solution only collects user email IDs and basic personal details to help you get insights related to our pricing, new service plans, and regular updates. Therefore, individuals concerned about the compromise of ‘Personally Identifiable Information or PII need not worry as we send across intimations before capturing information and that too, voluntarily.

Guest Post Solution, via this post, aims to inform you that every bit of information voluntarily captured by us isn’t shared with any third-party service provider. We only use the name, email ID, and other details to improve your website access and surfing experience.

However, before moving to other page menus, you will still be intimated once about the type of information capturing and you can either click to accept or opt-out, depending on your preferences.

How do we Plan on Using the Information?

Firstly, we only ask you to offer PII and other relevant details to ascertain your presence the next time you pay us a visit. Therefore, every piece of information is collected as regular log data, which is basically saved on the browser for seamless identification.

How do we plan on sharing the information?

The procured information isn’t shared by us in any given capacity. Instead, we only save the log data for simplifying your subsequent experiences.

However, we might share the information within the organization i.e. with the blog outreach, content creation, and link building teams for making the tasks even more productive and coherent.